D.I.Y. Tips

Tips To Do It Yourself.  There's Often Nothing Better Than  A Great Outdoor Project. Use These D.I.Y. Tips Below To Hang Up Your Pitching Tunnel.  

Hanging Up A Tunnel


Easy As 1-2-3

     The Lucky # Is 3.  Look For 3 Trees  Or 3 Poles That Form A Triangle Shape With Enough Distance To Hang Your Tunnel. A Ladder Will Be Needed!   


Unroll The Tunnel Towards The Strike Zone. 


Attach The Strike Zone Side First.

 At 6.5' Above The Ground, Attach A   Rope Loop Or An Eyebolt.  Attach        Ratchet Strap From Anchor Point To   End Of Tunnel.  Pull Out Slack & Click Until Tight. You Might Need A Ladder For This Step.


 Then Attach The Two Pitching Sides The Same Way As Above.  If You Use Trees (pictured to the right) , Use A Quality Rope Loop (See:  How Make A Rope Loop) . Attach The Tunnel About 10' Up From The Ground. You Will Need A Ladder For This Step.  Be Careful And Use A Partner.


Or . . . Rig Up A Winch N Pulley From A Tree  . . .


Get Your Pitch On! . . .

How To Make A Rope Loop


Rope Loops Are Handy To Loop Around Trees Or Poles.

. . . Show Love & Respect For The Trees!  . . .

Ratchet Straps


Ratchet Straps Should Be New, High Quality And Enough Pulling Power To Get The Job Done


 ~Warm Up Properly Before Engaging In Any Exercises.

~Pitch With Care And Stay At A Comfortable Pace. 

~ Maintain Smooth Mechanics When Throwing.

~It Is Recommended That You Train With A Partner, Family Member, Or Coach.

~Know Your Limitations. 

~ Do NOT Continue Throwing/Playing  If You Feel Numbness, Pain Or Discomfort.

~Start Slowly And Build Up To A More Intense Routine.

~Practice Good Arm Care Habits

~Train Smart!


 ~Make Sure All Anchor Points Are Strong, Safe, & Secure.

~Adult Supervision Is A Must During Installation.  

 ~Do NOT Modify The Pitching Tunnel In Any Way.   

 ~Do NOT Allow Anyone To Hang On The Pitching Tunnel.

~Rope Loops & Ratchet Straps Are Sold Separately. 

 ~Always Consult A Physician Before Starting Any Exercise Program.